Anderson Cover (1)Bringing School to Life: Place-based Education Across the Curriculum offers insights into how to build a program across grades. Anderson addresses key elements such as mapping, local history, community science, integrated curricula and more. She also suggests strategies for building community partnerships and implementation for primary grades. This book goes beyond theory to give concrete examples and advice in how to make place-based education a reality in schools. 

Endorsements for Bringing School to Life:

“Take this wise book by Sarah Anderson into your heart and use it to make your school a better place.”

—David Sobel, MEd, Author of Place-based Education: Connecting Classrooms & Communities

“Bringing Life to School: Place-Based Education Across the Curriculum will provide both newcomers to place-based education and veteran practitioners a wealth of lesson and project ideas aimed at deepening students’ relationship to and responsibility for their home communities and beyond.”

—Gregory Smith, Professor Emeritus, Lewis & Clark College, Graduate School of Education and Counseling

“Bringing Life to School charts a path in the most concrete terms for connecting students to their communities in deep and meaningful ways. Every educator should dig deeply into this book. Our students deserve it.”

—Joe Brooks, Founding Director of Community Works Journal

“This should be required reading for all teachers!”

-Jen Cirillo, Director of Professional Development, Shelburne Farms

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